In 1809, Lamarck publishes Philosophie zoologique and Darwin is born. These two independent events will mingle and have a great importance fifty years after, in 1859, with the publication of The Origin of Species.
Theory of Evolution has become a theory that goes beyond the original aim of both the French and the Englishmen. Evolutionism has become a term that refers to different phenomena, in distinct domains, biological, social, cultural, philosophical and metascientific.
A large group of scientist and philosophers, with the impulse of the Grupo Bogotá de Pensamiento Evolucionista, will joint their efforts to study 200 years of evolutionism as a celebration of the years 1809 and 1859. A selection of the communications will be published.
LAMARCK-DARWIN 1809-2009. TWO HUNDRED YEARS OF EVOLUTIONISM will take place in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, México, from September 28 to October 2, 2009.
The meeting will include a large number of invited specialists. Facilities will be given for the assistance of scholars and students of different Universities and countries.
Jorge Martínez Contreras, UAM Univ., Mexico:
Aura Ponce de León, CEFPSVLT Research Center, Mexico:
Aralisa Shedden, UV Univ., Xalapa:

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